If you are a gas fitter or engineer, you will understand that there are many day to day risks involved when dealing with gas lines. You likely must visit a variety of different premises each day, performing a wide array of tasks that force you to deal with flammable materials. The constant hazards that come with the position mean gas engineers are highly exposed to accidents and as a result, claims of negligence. This is why the majority of gas engineers and fitters purchase a public liability insurance policy to protect their business and their livelihoods from claims of negligence.

Public Liability Insurance

A public liability insurance policy is designed to protect contractors and professionals from lawsuit deriving from acts of negligence. This insurance policy covers a wide swath of issues, as well as the legal defence costs and medical treatment expenses associated with the incident. If your actions were to result in an injury to a client, member of the public, or damage their property, the insurance would cover the entire cost of the claim. For example, if you were fitting a new boiler and did so incorrectly, resulting in damage to the home, this would be grounds for a lawsuit.

Coverage Included in a Gas Engineer Insurance Policy

Many policies are bundled with other insurance products in order to cover the entirety of your business. For example, if you have employees, equipment, or a company van, the insurance company may provide coverage for these items in a general liability insurance policy. However, others may choose to utilise only the public liability portion of the coverage, while shopping around to find suitable coverage for other areas. The public liability portion will generally cover legal expenses and miscellaneous costs arising from the lawsuit. Any medical treatment will also be covered, as well as the cost of an ambulance or any emergency room treatment the aggrieved party received.

Gas Engineer Insurance Quotes

You can typically find a quote directly through an insurance provider or by trawling comparison websites for various policies. Making an enquiry through a comparison site will save you time while at the same time doing extensive research of the available options. Generally, a gas engineer insurance policy will offer the following options:

  • No claims discount – Helpful for engineers who have no history of claims and follow high safety standards.
  • £1 to £5 million of coverage – The cost of an insurance claim can be extremely high. Medical bills and emotional trauma in addition to legal costs can escalate quickly. Individuals who deal with flammable materials are especially susceptible to high risk, high damage situations, especially if it involves the death of an individual or the loss of one’s home.
  • Safety training discount – If you are certified or train your employees regularly on safety practises and protocol, you may be eligible for a discount based on your assiduous and rigorous attempts to limit the odds of a potential accident.

Working with gas and highly flammable materials can be a high risk business. While in other careers being negligent may result in a small settlement or fine, when dealing with gas the potential for an explosion or traumatic incident means you need a solid liability policy to protect your business. Public liability insurance is something every gas engineer should consider before doing contract or freelance work.